Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Playlist for 1.7.08

Dar (Que Dificil) ~ Juana Molina
Freak Freak ~ The Bug
Cassava: Nokea ~ DJ /rupture
Parisian Goldfish ~ flying Lotus
Let It Go (Flying Lotus remix) ~ Reefer
Faces on Fire ~ Times New Viking
Get It In Writing ~ Obits
Lamb and the Lion ~ The Mae Shi
In The New Year ~ The Walkmen
Grrl Trrbl ~ Phoenicia
Between B & C ~ Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid
Life's Fading Light ~ The Sight Below
The People We Were Before ~ Between the Pine
Transona Five ~ Texas
High Places ~ A Field Guide
Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set Reset) ~ Daedalus
Bobby Trendy Addendum (Alias Remix) ~ Restiform Bodies
Hairy Candy ~ tobacco
Airedales ~ Atlas Sound
and all of us, as well... (remix by boy in static) ~ cars & trains
Lights & Music ~ Cut Copy
G Shock ~ Ponytail
The Orchids ~ Califone
Dig a Hole ~ Hillfolk Noir
Impossible Bouquet ~ No Age
Young and Beautiful ~ The Raveonettes
The Ballad of the RAA ~ The Rural Alberta Advantage
The End of the Asterisk ~ Los Campesinos!

Airedales ~ Atlas Sound

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