Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playlist for 6.30.10

That Day ~ Lali Puna
Within Dreams ~ The Album Leaf
Roads Become Rivers ~ Rothko
Kleine ~ Bovaflux
Abglanz ~ Pantha du Prince
Here Sometimes ~ Blonde Redhead
Strictly Rule ~ Vetiver
Nowhere Lullaby ~ Built to Spill
Yip/Jump Music ~ Clem Snide
Place to Be ~ Pink Moon
Knife (Atlas Sound cover) ~ Grizzly Bear
Neighbor ~ Band of Horses
Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping ~ Grouper
Tornado ~ Jonsi
The Loneliness and the Scream ~ Frightened Rabbit
Grass ~ Animal Collective
A Cold Freezin' Night ~ The Books
Losercore ~ Lou Barlow + the missingmen
Another Likely Story (Neon Indian remix) ~ Au Revoir Simone
Wide Eyes (Teen Daze remix) ~ Local Natives
Green Knight (Creep remix) ~ Memory Tapes
Angel Echoes (Caribou remix) ~ Four Tet
It's Not Meant To Be ~ Tame Impala
Pow Pow ~ LCD Soundsystem

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playlist for 6.23.10

Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective remix) ~ Pantha du Prince
My Boys ~ Taken By Trees
Summertime Clothes ~ Animal Collective
Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox) ~ Atlas Sound
Islands (Challenger remix) ~ The xx
The Believers ~ How to Destroy Angels
The Walk ~ The Ponys
Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? ~ Tame Impala
Stay Lit ~ Holy Fuck
Horses ~ To Rococo Rot
Hubble ~ Actress
Mmmhmm (feat. Thundercat) ~ Flying Lotus
Coat of Arms ~ Nosaj Thing
Summer Holiday ~ Wild Nothing
Snow Days ~ Real Estate
Grandma Airplane ~ Black Lipstick
Hedgehog ~ Luna
Gentle Hour ~ Yo La Tengo
Excuses ~ The Morning Benders
What's In It For? ~ Avi Buffalo
Sentimental X's ~ Broken Social Scene
England ~ The National

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playlist for 6.16.10

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The Killing Moon ~ Pavement
Cortez the Killer ~ Built to Spill
Funnelhead ~ The Archers of Loaf
The Ghost of Tom Joad ~ Junip
Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis ~ Neko Case
Hey You ~ Dean Wareham
Speak to Me/Breathe ~ The Flaming Lips
Guns of Brixton ~ Nouvelle Vague
Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste ~ Galaxie 500
What Goes On ~ The Feelies
Steeple Full of Swallows ~ The Damnations
Two Tickets to Paradise ~ Eef Barzelay
I Smell a Rat ~ Sebadoh
Aunt Avis ~ Widespread Panic
Bonnie and Clyde ~ Luna
Knife ~ CSS
Hurt ~ Johnny Cash
Love Will Tear Us Apart ~ Chop Chop
Teardrop ~ Jose Gonzalez
Cello Song ~ The Books, feat. Jose Gonzalez
Such Great Heights ~ Iron and Wine
Turning Japanese ~ Liz Phair
Camel Clutch ~ BlackSmith
Lovelorn Robot ~ Spondee
?!?!?!?!? ~ Wolfman Fever

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playlist for 6.9.10

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Untitled ~ Caural
Roads Become Rivers ~ Rothko
Lay In a Shimmer ~ Pantha du Prince
Tornado ~ Jonsi
Mason Jar ~ The Morning Benders
Not Miserable ~ Frightened Rabbit
Wingbone ~ Califone
Stand Still ~ The Album Leaf
If We Don't All Go Insane ~ Take
Do The Astral Plane ~ Flying Lotus
We Helped Pioneer This ~ Matthewdavid
TheHollowEarth ~ Thom Yorke
Eyesdown (feat. Andreya Triana) ~ Bonobo
Days Are Years ~ Blue Sky Black Death
Angel Echoes (Caribou remix) ~ Four Tet
Sentimental X's ~ Broken Social Scene
Floating Vibes ~ Surfer Blood
Youth ~ Beach Fossils
Snow Days ~ Real Estate
Blood ~ The Middle East
Deep Blue Sea (Daniel Rossen home recording) ~ Grizzly Bear
Sorrow ~ The National
The Perpetual Self, Or "What Would Saul Alinksy Do?" ~ Sufjan Stevens
I Can Change ~ LCD Soundsystem

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playlist for 6.2.10

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Gone to Earth ~ The American Analog Set
Memory Loss ~ The Radio Dept.
Remember ~ Lali Puna
Lights ~ Interpol
Pop Culture (Revisited) ~ The Ponys
Remember Last Time ~ Avi Buffalo
Strictly Rule ~ Vetiver
I'm New Here ~ Gil Scott-Heron
Sycamore ~ Bill Callahan
A Chance Counsel ~ Richard Buckner
Tell It To The Dust ~ Anders Parker
You Wanted a Hit ~ LCD Soundsystem
Ride Frindship ~ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
Apparent Horizon ~ Trans Am
Stay Lit ~ Holy Fuck
Zodiac Shit ~ Flying Lotus
Implosions ~ Take
Archangel ~ Burial
Chase the Tear ~ Portishead
Bicycle (Tanlines remix) ~ Memory Tapes
Do You Want a Boyfriend? ~ Tender Trap
NW Apt. ~ Band of Horses
Lemonworld ~ The National
Drunk Girls ~ LCD Soundsystem