Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Down for now...

We're on the air, 89.9fm and www.radioboise.org, and the technology's changed a bit. I'll figure out what to do with this blog soon.

Meantime, playlists are over at the RadioBoise page.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playlist for 4.27.11

Gold Soundz ~ Pavement
Hard to Find ~ American Analog Set
Moby Octopad ~ Yo La Tengo
Exile Villify ~ The National
Eyesdown ~ Andreya Triana
Moth ~ Burial & Four Tet
Do the Astral Plane ~ Flying Lotus
Like You Mean It ~ Matthewdavid
The Alter ~ Wye Oak
Super Duper Rescue Heads ~ Deerhoof
All My Great Designs ~ The Walkmen
Written In Reverse ~ Spoon
Dance Yrself Clean ~ LCD Soundsystem
Music Is Happiness ~ The Octopus Project
Bloom ~ Radiohead
Archangel ~ Burial
Klavierwerke ~ James Blake
Repetition ~ TV on the Radio
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) ~ Arcade Fire
Quick Canal (w/ Laetitia Sadier) ~ Atlas Sound
Half a Moon ~ Crystal Stilts
Web In Front ~ Archers of Loaf
Hollowed-Out Man ~ Mike Watt

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playlist for 3.31.11

Losing My Edge ~ LCD Soundsystem
GNG BNG ~ Flying Lotus
Atoms for Peace (Four Tet remix) ~ Thom Yorke
Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard ~ !!!
Disco Infiltrator ~ LCD Soundsystem
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House ~ LCD Soundsystem
Theme from Sparta F.C. ~ The Fall
Pop Culture (Revisited) ~ The Ponys
Hollowed-Out-Man ~ Mike Watt
This Ain't No Picnic ~ The Minutemen
Fortune Cookie ~ Pony
Movement ~ LCD Soundsystem
Morning Mr. Magpie ~ Radiohead
Moth ~ Burial/Four Tet
The Wilhelm Scream ~ James Blake
Civilian ~ Wye Oak
Weekend ~ Smith Westerns
Belong ~ The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Get Innocuous ~ LCD Soundsystem
Someone Great ~ LCD Soundsystem
Meyrin Fields ~ Broken Bells
The Breakup ~ The Rural Alberta Advantage
I Can Change ~ LCD Soundsystem
All I Want ~ LCD Soundsystem

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Playlist for 3.24.11

Civilian ~ Wye Oak
Black Leaf ~ The Cave Singers
Godless Brother In Love ~ Iron & Wine
Casimir Pulaski Day ~ Sufjan Stevens
At Your Door ~ Alexi Murdoch
Coldest Days ~ The Rural Alberta Advantage
Mirror ~ Thom Yorke/Four Tet/Burial
Time Patrol Dub ~ Kode 9
Easy Lee (Monolithium Recrunk) ~ Ricardo Villalobos
Ultramarine ~ Lone
Raver ~ Burial
Brown Eyed Girl ~ Shigeto
Þú ert jörðin ~ Olafur Arnalds
1/1 ~ Bang on a Can All Stars
Truth ~ Balmorhea
Onwards ~ Last Days
Moth ~ Four Tet/Burial
Slowdance (How to Dress Well Seance remix) ~ Matthew Dear
The Wilhelm Scream ~ James Blake

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playlist for 3.16.11

Old Age ~ 13 & God
Last Night at the Jetty ~ Panda Bear
Bad Girls ~ MIA
Smoke & Mirrors ~ Tokimonsta
Kill Them ~ jj
When I Grow Up ~ Fever Ray
hollowed-out-man ~ Mike Watt
The Boilerman ~ Mike Watt
Black Leaf ~ Cave Singers
Between Me and the Ground ~ Dead Meadow
Towards the Sun ~ Alexi Murdoch
Rabbit Will Run ~ Iron & Wine
Get Real Get Right ~ Sufjan Stevens
Lotus Flower ~ Radiohead
Let England Shake ~ PJ Harvey
I Never Learnt to Share ~ James Blake
Truth ~ Balmorhea
Beekeepers vs. Warfare Chemicals
Oafish ~ Rex
Spiderwebbed ~ Tortoise
Why Like This ~ Teebs
Alive (Nightmare) Ft. Ratatat ~ Kid CuDi
Oh My God ~ A Tribe Called Quest
Nouveau Nova ~ Daedelus
New Ruin ~ Meursault
Under the Knife ~ The Rural Alberta Advantage

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playlist for 3.2.11

Morning Mr. Magpie ~ Radiohead
Super Duper Rescue Heads ~ Deerhoof
Not a Young Man Anymore ~ Dean & Britta
Car Alarm ~ The Sea and Cake
All My Great Designs ~ The Walkmen
China Steps ~ Women
VCR (Matthew Dear remix) ~ The xx
Long Flight ~ Future Islands
Don't Cry ~ Deerhunter
Most Wanted ~ Cults
Badaboom ~ Tapes 'n Tapes
Get Away ~ Tuck
Is It Done ~ J Mascis
Skip Divided ~ Thom Yorke
The Sniper ~ The Black Angels
Black Leaf ~ The Cave Singers
Set You Free ~ The Black Keys
A Decade of Flying Lotus (remixed by The Gaslamp Killer) ~ Flying Lotus
Shattering Inner Journeys (feat. Computer Jay) ~ The Gaslamp Killer
All I Did (remix, feat. Carly Garza) ~ Diego Bernal
Wind Loop ~ Teebs
Ultramarine ~ Lone
Whale ~ Yellow Ostrich
Get Some ~ Lykke Li
Old Age ~ 13 & God

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playlist for 2.23.11

Bloom ~ Radiohead
Harrowdown Hill ~ Thom Yorke
All I Need ~ Radiohead
Quick Canal (feat. Laetitia Sadier) ~ Atlas Sound
Wow and Flutter ~ Stereolab
Night Squall ~ Balmorhea
I'll Stay ~ James Blake
Let It Go (Flying Lotus remix) ~ Reefer
MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat) ~ Flying Lotus
Joy ~ Four Tet
Feral ~ Radiohead
Atoms for Peace ~ Thom Yorke
Light Streams ~ Esben and the Witch
Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping ~ Grouper
Beekeepers vs. Warfare Chemicals ~ Brian McBride
All Is Calm ~ Rachel's
Waterway ~ Geotic
What Did You Expect ~ Archers of Loaf
Bodysnatchers ~ Radiohead
Convinced of the Hex ~ The Flaming Lips
White House Girls ~ Ed Hall
Skull ~ Sebadoh
Revelater ~ Jennyanykind
Last Night at the Jetty ~ Panda Bear
Juniper ~ Take
I Never Learnt to Share ~ James Blake
Separator ~ Radiohead